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Letting Go of Any Resentment

You’re a loving human being and there it’s not worth you wasting another moment of your precious life to be angry or resentful about anything. Bitterness is not a good look for anyone. At some point in your evolution, once you no longer have a problem with being you, you start to encounter generational patterns that you actually agreed to break on behalf of your lineage. These patterns can be emotional traumas, addictions, and they can be behaviors that are unrecognizable to you.  

Have you ever found yourself saying out loud, ‘“I don’t recognize my behaviour”, or a moment of questioning why you are behaving the way that you are? These behaviors that you don’t recognize are generational patterns. For example, addiction isn’t authentic to you. Addiction is a generational pattern that you are acting out at the moment. To put this in context, nothing belongs to you. Not your thoughts, not your emotions, and not your addictions. Nothing belongs to you. However, we’ve identified with the mind, with our emotions, and with certain characteristics, and then we make them ours. Is the suffering and pain worth holding on to? 

When you have a moment of showing up where you don’t recognize yourself, as if you are behaving like another person, you probably are. Maybe it’s your grandfather, or your grandmother or your father or your mother. Why? Because all of that information is generationally encoded and we tap into it, not recognizing ourselves. 

Once you finish everything on a personal level and then on a generational level, you begin to open the door to being in this cosmic consciousness, a more universal way of being. You become love-centric and everything in your life is expansive and dynamic.

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.