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Letting Go Of Limitations

You’re so much more than all of the labels that have been spoken over you. Every label that you identify with inherently comes with its own set of limitations. Identification is the root cause of why we suffer. We take that label of being a ‘good spouse’, being a ‘good parent’, being a ‘good business owner’ and because we are identifying with this piece of programming or conditioning around it and what that means, we’re forever falling short. 

At some point we remember on our journey of waking up, loving and accepting ourselves, that we are just pure consciousness. That we’re literally an infinite presence, here for a limited time, expressing and experiencing uniquely. 

So today, I want to lovingly ask you to identify the labels that are the root cause of your suffering and to be freed of them. What would happen if you could finally just let go of it all. What would happen? My whole life, people have been trying to define me, as they have you. I realized that every definition that was superimposed over the infinite consciousness that I really am, there’s a limitation. 

What would happen today if you allowed yourself to surrender your identification with these labels, if you allowed yourself to just be everything; to no longer need a rigid fixed form, to be spontaneous from intuition, allowing yourself to pitch and catch with your reality, responding with love in every moment or responding authentically as you see fit?

What would happen?

Identification is the root cause of all human suffering. And as an infinite consciousness, you cannot be defined.