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Life Is Responding To What’s Happening

As you evolve, you stop valuing all the stuff that doesn’t matter anymore and you start valuing the stuff that does. It’s how you feel everyday that matters. Do you want to keep revisiting your past thinking that revisiting your past is going to make a difference? It isn’t. 

How do you want to enjoy and make the best of your time? For me, time is a depreciating asset. It’s the only thing that has any value. I don’t have any ambition, motivation or drive and I’m so happy. Primarily, because I’m not afraid anymore.

Somebody who is extraordinarily driven is extraordinarily scared, insecure, and incomplete. They still think there is something outside of them that they have to accomplish or they have to prove something. Sadly, no matter how much this person accumulates or accomplishes, they will never be enough for them because they don’t know who they are or why they are here. 

Shift your fuel supply out of fear, lack and scarcity into love.  

At work, instead of just sitting there, take the time to stare out of your window and appreciate the clouds for a few moments. Take the time to breathe. Work is pretty basic: You’re responding to what’s happening. That’s what life is. It’s not complicated. 

Realize that nothing in life is complicated nor does it need to be complicated. By not valuing yourself, you fill your time with things that don’t mean anything because you have to prove your value. You’ll find you have so much extra time when you are not driven by fear anymore. 

As you evolve, you are no longer motivated or driven by the same things because you shift out of a short term mindframe into displaying the maturity to delay gratification. You understand that repetition, consistency and commitment are important and you also realize you don’t have to prove anymore or justify your value. You can actually enjoy every moment and phase in your life. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.