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Live Event: Living In Divine Energy – Rythmia

In-Person Event
Living in Divine Energy
At Rythmia Life Advancement Center in

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
October 30 – November 2, 2017

Imagine living your life immersed in Divine Energy and experiencing the power and intelligence that creates and expands this universe. Divine Energy is the one energy that supports all of creation and your individual, unique expression. Click below for a special invitation from Panache.


During Panache’s daily, two hour presentations, Monday through Thursday, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, you will gain exposure to this universal energy.

Join Panache and experience:

  • Increased alignment with universal power…
  • An expanded ability to create and manifest all that you desire…
  • The ever increasing realization of oneness…
  • Vibrational transformation…

Many have experienced a brief moment of connection or a few peak spiritual experiences but have struggled to make connection their ongoing, day-to-day experience. Know that it is possible to consistently live in Divine Energy and connection. This is your divine destiny and it is available to everyone.

Join Panache and awaken the power within so that you can live in the Divine Energy of expansion, peace, joy and love.

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