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Living Your Soul Signature

The first five years of my life created a blueprint that would continually call me back to my own soul signature-the truth of my limitless potential. I was lucky to be raised in an environment where love and devotion were the foundations of our daily lives. These practices were deeply engrained in me, and as much as I may have drifted away from them at times in my life, they were so entrenched in my being I would always return.

My beloved grandmother, Shanti Desai, informed my spirituality and played an indelible role in my childhood. She was a tiny Indian woman with warm, dark eyes that flickered behind thick-framed glasses. Always dressed in a sari, her long, black braid of hair gleamed with fragrant coconut oil as it dangled down her back. The hours of her life were marked by the care she endlessly showered on others, praying for all those around her, and powerfully connected to spirit. She prayed every day and devoted her every waking moment to desiring the best for her family. Her prayers were not for herself, but for her children and grandchildren.

Because of her spirit and devoted nature, my grandmother was moved to transform the family’s television room into a meditation center. The magnetic allure of this room was not about the icons, mala beads, or mantras. What drew you in was her spirit – a soul so anchored in sacredness that anyone who entered that room felt the transformational energy of power and possibility.  It was safe, and I felt safe inside it. It was more than a room. It was home.

My grandmother was the living embodiment of tenderness, care, and nurturing – the divine feminine personified. She was such a duality because, as present and spiritual as she was, she would still worry about everyone she loved. But that’s what grandmothers do. They’re protective, and they worry. A wonderful mixture of both spirituality and humanity, she was the ultimate loving presence, and I am forever grateful for her impact on my life.

And today my mother Mira is following in her footsteps. She arrives at our home at 8 am every morning and plays an integral part in my twin daughter’s lives. She cares for my girls the way my grandmother cared for me, and now they’ll be able to benefit from the power, strength, and devotion expressed not only from their wonderful mother, but their own adoring ‘Baa,’ as well.

I wouldn’t be where I am or have the blessings I have without the legacy of strong women in my life. My grandmother’s commitment to service, her steadfast love, and her faithful recognition of the Divine made me who I am today. I feel as though I’m just getting started, but 20 years from now I’ll be interested to see how one inspiring person who lived her authentic soul signature leaves her enduring impression on another. My grandmother’s influence will echo through generations as her love continues to resonate through me and in turn, through my daughters.

My grandmother, Shanti Desai, truly lived her unique purpose and not only touched the lives of her loved ones, but everyone connected to her family. I believe we’re always bonded to the people we love. Whether they live miles away or have transitioned on, they never really leave us.  I don’t have moments where I sense my grandmother’s presence. I know she’s with me on every step of my journey.

She and I are forever one – in spirit, in soul, and in love.