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Love At The Deepest Level

You are a blessing on this Earth. You are a miracle. You as you are right now, regardless of how you have lived your life, are loved completely and totally by God. You, in the moment, are complete.

The reason why you have struggled to access that state of being on a consistent basis is because you, in some way shape or form, have been led to believe that you, as you are, isn’t enough. 

I want you to remember the truth we see and experience is love at the deepest level. This whole play, the whole thing, the people you speak to, the people that you don’t speak to, the people that are in the background, the people that are in the foreground, every life experience, every circumstance in every situation is love. That means that in this moment, YOU ARE LOVED! It’s time to engage in every activity with a smile on your face and with love in your heart. The individual who can do that is free of the illusion. 

Everything authentically resides within us. There is nothing outside of us. Human beings are vehicles through which light, energy, and information flows into this world. So, everything that we’re experiencing is self-generated from inside of us. This fact is the ultimate declaration of personal empowerment because it means that in every moment you have the capacity to return to peace. And returning to peace means you are returning to the part of you that is perpetually in mediation. 

Simply rest in the awareness of each breath, and welcome everything there is to feel. Resist nothing. Embrace and accept everything.