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Making Way For Our Magnificence

At least once in our lives we’ve experienced the feeling of standing at a crossroads and faced with the choice: “Do I risk the unknown or do I stay in familiar territory?”

As challenges arise in our experience, our tendency may be to close off or shut down. We may feel we need to protect ourselves from that person or that situation or that experience. In the poem “Give All To Love,” Ralph Waldo Emerson offers sound advice.  His words cry out, “Give all to love; Obey thy heart…” and “Follow it utterly, Hope beyond hope!” And while the verse sends a clarion call to our highest potential, a closed and reluctant heart can snuff out their melody in a split second.

Our conditioning around self-preservation may be so ingrained that oftentimes, even when we are being offered the greatest love of all, incredible success or a more peaceful path in life, we put up barriers to protect ourselves and lock our potential inside. What if we allowed ourselves to fully experience those challenges and grow and expand because of them? What if we opened the gates and allowed the love that is always around us, offered to us every day, to simply come flooding into our hearts?

If we take the risk and let our journey play out and flow without our preemptive strikes, stifling stress and self imposed roadblocks, we will find life and love unfolding exactly as it is supposed to. Letting our true radiance shine forth without shadowing it in fear allows all that we’ve been searching to come searching for us.

No matter the outcome, nothing is lost. Our unlimited possibilities are waiting if we’re ready to take the leap and leave behind the fears and habits unworthy of our brilliant selves. We must make room for the abundant love that awaits because in Emerson’s words,

“When the half gods go, The gods arrive.”