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March Soul Support - 2017

March Soul Support – 2017

Online Program
March Soul Support – 2017
Accessing Personal Power
Begins March 1st

Your personal power stems from an unshakeable experience of self-love that radiates outward. Experience your authentic self and move from anxiety and fear into the full experience of a life ripe with limitless possibility.

Often people think of power as an egoic experience. Personal power is different because it stems from your connection to your core. The more you are in alignment with your own Divinity, the more personal power filters through all areas of your life. The ups and downs are met with acceptance and peace when you’ve accessed your personal power. Universal trust and love strengthen with each step that you take on the road to spiritual empowerment.

When you’re in tune with your innate power and potential, the outer world no longer determines your inner experience. Personal power is experienced to the degree to which you love and trust yourself. Cultivating deep self-love is the portal to the personal power that allows you to manifest whatever you desire.

This month’s Soul Support takes you to the heart of empowerment and I’m honored to guide you in establishing the foundation for personal power to take root and grow from.

March Soul Support Programming:

  • One New 60-Minute Webcast – Cultivating Unconditional Love
    Four 20-Minute Audio Recording Meditations to help lay the foundation for this month’s expansion

    1. Accessing Personal Power Through the Grace of Acceptance
    2. The Refuge of Inner Connection
    3. Discover the Limitless Power of Your Authentic Self
    4. The Key to Empowerment: Compassionate Awareness
  • Deepening Vibrational Support Tool
  • Inspirational Mantra and Visual
  • Live 30-Minute Online Group Transcendence Session with Panache

Register below and join me for a month of Soul Support that will activate your ability to access your dynamic personal power.

Soul Support 2017 delivers a progressive level of divine grace that empowers you to break free of your struggles and suffering while experiencing the power of vibrational expansion to move into greater levels of self-belief and self-love. Panache offers new online programs and materials each month so that you may access the support you need when it is most convenient for you.