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One of the Most Contra-Intuitive Blessings There Is. Steer into the Fear!

In Part 2 of Panache Desai’s latest online series Dancing with Distraction, he empowers you with one of the most powerful insights into living your true potential.

One of the Most Contra-Intuitive Blessings There Is. Steer into the Fear! from Panache Desai on Vimeo.

What do you do when you’re navigating the stormy sea of life and come upon a giant wave of fear?  Do you frantically try to avoid it, deny it or out run it? Or do you slow down and let the seas take you where they may?

If you are searching for an empowered life of peace, abundance and possibility, you must steer your ship into the waves. And Panache reminds you that you are not destined to sink.

Our lives are moving at light speed and our distractions are simply our coping mechanism to avoid fear.  Distractions take us out of present moment awareness and the valuable experiences that life brings up inside of us. It’s time to lovingly embrace our fear and let it wash over us – no longer avoiding, denying or attempting to escape the surge of anxiety before us, but cutting the motor and yielding to the universe.

It takes courage and willingness to feel what you’re feeling and consciously steer your ship into the wave. Your readiness to be available for the emotions and feelings that arise, no matter how painful, is actually enabling you to receive and access more of who you are. 

The more we can accept ourselves and allow for the emotional content accumulated throughout our lifetime to just wash through us and out to sea, the more we are empowered to calmly sail the seas of abundance, joy and peace.

Stop gunning our outboard motor toward the things that numb our senses and fearlessly navigate our tumultuous, emotional seas with love and consciousness.

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