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Operating from Peace or Pain

Everyone on the planet is either operating from their peace or from their pain. When you trace everything you can’t stand about the world back to its origin, you’ll find pain. 

When I look at the people I grew up with, they didn’t know any better. Were they bad people? No, they just didn’t have a choice. Society wasn’t constructed for them to thrive, the system wasn’t constructed for them to get ahead. People in states of survival make choices that don’t make any sense to other people who aren’t surviving. 

Instead of using the brushstroke of bad or evil people, try seeing these people as people that are in extreme amounts of pain. That way, maybe we can lessen the sentencing of ourselves and reduce the need to sentence them. 

What we don’t realize is that everytime we judge the behavior of other people and condemn another person, we are actually just condemning ourselves. As a community, let’s have some honesty  and vulnerability and just welcome the grief that you feel you still need to hold on to in order to be safe. 

When someone pushes your ‘disrespect’ button, you can go to rage because in order to survive you’ve become what you can’t stand. In order to survive, you’ve become the very thing you hate. Some of you, in order to survive in your home, became your parents, And this is why there is no freedom. Some of you in order to survive in your family with your siblings, you became just like them, just as sharp tongued, malicious and vindictive. 

This is why we need to be with our hearts today. This is the time of the Divine Mother. Sometimes there is nothing better than a hug from your grandma, your mom or the embodiment of the Divine Mother. That’s really all we want. 

It’s time to let that love in. 

Rest In the Awareness of Your Breath For A Living Meditation