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Our Connection To Lineage

Every now and again, we get to a point in our evolution where we can’t seem to figure out what’s going on and why we’re feeling the way that we are feeling. When I get to those points, I always have to look generationally to see what’s in the lineage because sometimes it doesn’t make any sense in the context of my life. 

Our lineage can be the limiting factor. It’s important that we begin to recognize our lineage. We have ancestors that feel guilty about receiving, guilty about being successful, and we don’t even know how these things can influence us. 

What you don’t realize, is the sum total of your lineage you have access to. It’s all in your DNA. You have access to every potential that everyone in your lineage had access to. We get to activate that dormant recorded potential and the recorded information that serves us and switch off parts that don’t. We all have these aspects that we can’t quite access. For me, it is very powerful to look at ancestors and to tap into ancestry. 

When you think about it, If there is a potential that exists anywhere on the planet, you have access to it. This is why you shouldn’t make anyone special. If there is a potential somewhere, it means that potential is yours. We all have dormant potential and powers in our lineage. In the history of your family line, there was somebody that mastered the material world and you can connect with these family members and bring those potentials into being. 

When you look at evolution and history, you can see that humanity is being faced with a choice now. Do we continue to perpetuate the unconscious genetic choices that we’ve made thus far, and continue to remain in our animalistic nature that is divisive and based in conflict? Or, is it up to us to choose to activate peace, harmony and alignment.

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.