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Owning Your Power

Do you know that you let people treat you in such a disrespective way because you are afraid of the energy inside of you, afraid of using your voice and stepping into your truth? Some of you have allowed people in your life to treat you horribly. 

It’s time to recognize that you deserve to be treated respectively. It doesn’t matter what the relationship dynamic is, if it’s not respectful, it’s not in alignment with you.  There is no excuse for bullying or intimidation. 

It’s important to understand that you need to start advocating on your behalf. Some of you are so removed from what self-respect and self-love feels like that you don’t know where to start. 

The reason you are afraid is because you are afraid of the anger that’s inside of you. Stepping into your truth is you being like everyone else around you that you can’t stand, like the raging mom or the raging dad. 

On some level we are kind-of two stepping this duality. The first side of the duality is “I am a divine being”.  Most of you understand this side of duality. How about we start being treated that way, allowing our lives to be congruent with that truth. This can be very foreign to some of you because many of you have never done it. You’ve never said, ‘hey, that’s not right” or “no, you’re taking advantage of me”, you’ve never said “ I don’t like that, it doesn’t resonate with me, and if you insist on treating me this way, you will no longer be a part of my life.”  It’s because you are afraid of owning your power. 

The first question to ask is when was the last time that somebody actually gave to you? Regardless of how anyone’s relationship dynamic is to you, what needs to come back in your direction is love and respect.

It’s time to use your voice and speak your truth. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.