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3-Day Live Event - Passport to the Soul - Panache Desai

Passport to the Soul – Omega 2018

In-Person Event
Passport to the Soul
At Omega Institute in
Rhinebeck, New York
June 15 – 17, 2018
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Your life is a journey of awakening. For some it is entering an uncharted land and for others it is a deeper exploration of familiar territory. Either way, it is a vibrational journey of expansion and evolution.

Passport to the Soul is an immersive experience that re-connects you to your essential Self. Knowing your authentic Self is the most profound journey you can ever embark upon. It is a life changing experience that allows you to realize what was hidden within, realizing the fullness, the completeness, the oneness of your soul.

Join me and enter into a realm of the heart and soul of the essential YOU and reveal your divine nature, your divine essence. Omega 2018 is the passport to the soul, an essential journey of awakening.

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