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Peace Is A Rising Bliss

Peace has become more and more compelling. Within the experience of peace is a rising bliss. It’s like an intoxication. Even though life might be turbulent, no matter how absurd it gets, for some strange reason it just doesn’t matter. 

We are realizing more and more that it’s not worth leaving the peace that we are feeling for anything. 

Nothing in the past needs to be different, it’s all done. There is no longer any point to hold on to any emotion around any of it. Nothing in the present needs to be different than it is either. The only reason we are unable to embrace this truth is we still think something from the past should’ve been different than it was. The reason this is hard to embrace is because there is still some part of you that’s thinking or believing that the past should’ve been different than it was. 

What opens up inside of you when you allow yourself to embrace this? There is nothing we can do about our past. Nothing. It’s happened, it’s done. There is no point holding on to any emotion, feeling or thought or anything in the body related to it. The past is finished.  And in that same way, nothing that is happening right now needs to be any different either. This is where most of you get stuck. Why? Because you still think that in some way, shape or form, due to the pain or the hurt or the perceived misfortune that you experienced that the past should’ve been different than it was. 

Who you are now is not who you were. Is it possible to leave the past alone and liberate yourself from everything you are still holding on to? Allow yourself to feel into what it feels like to fully accept the past. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.