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Pivoting Out of Fear Into Love

The Self.  When I use the term, the self, I am not talking about the created self. In my book, You Are Enough, I outlined the distinction between the authentic self, or essential self, and the created self. The short version, or synopsis of my book, is that as long as we continue to identify as the created self, the ego and the identity, we continue to perpetuate our suffering. The reason we are not excelling in every area of life, is because of our conditioning out of our normal state of being. 

I’d like to offer you a shortcut today, a cheat code, a way to access what every incredible being throughout human history has accessed and embodied. I’d like you to begin to love what you have been taught to reject, love what you have concluded that you have to repress, love what you have denied, and especially, meet every single part of you with the love that it deserves to receive. At some point, you have to realize the futility of being afraid. 

Fear can be useful – when there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex that wants to eat you as an appetizer! At that point, you want to run. In that context Fear is useful – you run and live another day.  But I am here to tell you, that fear is used to control you. Fear is being used to manipulate you. Fear is being used to confuse you. The mind and your physiology, under the influence of fear, will remain in a state of survival. And in that state of survival, you will never ever know anything other than suffering. 

When your brain and body is on love, you will experience life in a completely different way. I’m not talking about romantic love, or love that is conditional or relational. I’m talking about the love that lives within you – your essential nature, the truth of who you are. It’s time to permanently pivot out of fear and out of the illusion into what’s real.  The absolute nature of reality is love. 

When you go beyond the identity, beyond the emotions, the mind, the body, what you have, the material possessions or your status in the world, and you experience the truth of yourself, you will experience a love that is beyond description. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, connects you to the truth that you are love, that you are light and that you are an infinite being in every way.