Live Daily Support From Panache - Stop Simply Surviving and Begin to Thrive!

Powered And Fueled By Love

What you are is the love we all need. Love is the truth of who you are. 

Life is a question of attention. When we finally allow ourselves to be who we are, we are able to accept the blessing of our life . . . the beauty that is our life. 

I want you to wake up and accept the beauty of your life. See, feel and experience the beauty that is your life every day. The same life you complain about, that you make wrong, that you want to change, will one day become the greatest blessing of all. 

I always knew there would be a point of maturation and that’s where we are right now. Every single person in the world is now ready to receive what you’ve come to share. 

The Divine is Infinite. It’s formless and there are two aspects of the Divine: Shiva and Shakti – the Alpha and Omega. And when these two aspects come together, they create the experience of infinity. The Divine takes whatever form it needs to take for you according to your understanding, according to who you love and how you grew up. 

Everything we interact with in the manifest world, everything that is reality, is actually in truth the Divine Mother. It’s just that in our incessant need to compartmentalize everything, we create separation. 

We are about to merge the two aspects, the being that we are with the expression that we are. 

Rest In the Awareness of Your Breath For A Living Meditation