Live Daily Support From Panache - Stop Simply Surviving and Begin to Thrive!

Propelled by the Winds of Clarity

When you are peaceful, you start to live a new version of your life.

The identity is the domain of the familiar. Your personality is the domain of the familiar. You are going to get what capacity you receive in accordance with your mind, your programming, and your conditioning. 

Peace provides you access to an infinite number of possibilities and potentials that you were always meant to align with and access. This is why so many of you are going through self-healing, eliminating all the inflammation in your body, and may now be experiencing peace consistently. And in being in that state of being, of peace, you realize everything in your life is taking off and unfolding. This is what every great being before you realized. 

This is a really exciting time. That prevailing wind we’ve been waiting for is here, that prevailing energy. You are no longer fuelled by the winds of pain, survival, scarcity, lack, self-image or distortion. You are now being propelled forward by the winds of clarity, truth. integrity, alignment, love.

When you become unrecognizable to yourself, you have fully actualized the meaning of the word transformation. Transformation is transcending the need to transform. You have an identity, you have a story, and a past, and this memory of you, but you no longer have any use for it. It’s no longer the dominant expression of your life. 

When you access the truth that you don’t know who you are, that’s when it gets really exciting!

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.