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Reacting To Change

How did reality come into being and emerge into its many forms? Everything began as one singular expression. But in that form of singularity, consciousness, the divine, cannot know itself because it’s only in the experience of itself. One became many. Right now, you and I are manifestations of that same singular energy expressing uniquely through all things. When you get to that point of realizing you are in the experience of yourself, you don’t always recognize how your energy is impacting everyone around you. 

Sometimes things change. It’s always interesting to notice our reaction to the change. Typically, the reaction is based in fear. When a life circumstance changes, or something shifts, we find ourselves with an intensity of feelings. Yet, that intensity of feelings has nothing to do with what has changed. 

Many of you have transitioned loved ones during this time of covid. Some you have gone through a divorce or have a change in finances or a change in work. And, many of you have gone through fundamental shifts in every area of life. 

The one thing that is constant is change itself. However, who you really are never changes. Peace is your natural state of being. The acceptance of one’s reality is the end of suffering. The more we are able to get to a place of accepting our reality, the more we begin to see that there’s something greater unfolding. In this moment, it’s important to recognize that life is forever moving us and as life is sometimes moving us for reasons we can’t even begin to comprehend. 

Change can be hard. Embrace the unfolding of your life. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.