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Remembering Why We Are Here

Have you ever wondered why you’re here? Have you ever questioned the nature of existence and what the purpose of all this really is? I have. And here’s what I have discovered; I chose to be here to have an experience. And, I didn’t just choose to be here to have a particular, singular experience, I chose to be here to have the entire experience to be a human being. 

The more I remember this truth, the more I am able to breathe, relax and withdraw my energy, attention, and focus away from the world. I am recognizing that who I am, as I am, doesn’t need to be fixed. Who I am, as I am, doesn’t need to be improved. Who I am, as I am, doesn’t need to be healed. Who I am, as I am, is just a form, or function, or an activity. 

I am the one witnessing and observing. The more I remember to turn my attention and my focus onto myself, and observe who I am, observe my experience, experience my experience, the more I am actually fulfilling the greater purpose of my being here; which is to experience being a human being. This is where our freedom comes from. This is where our potential is remembered.

I am experiencing. I am here to experience. Everyone and everything in my reality has gone through every single thing they’ve had to go through in order to deliver to me the experience that I asked to have as part of my experience of being a human being. 

If you are new to mediation, you’re waking up to your formless nature. You’re remembering that who you are is the witness, who you are is the observer. You’re remembering a forgotten part of yourself, a forgotten part that’s always in peace, a part that is always in harmony. In fact, you will remember the part that you are so diligently trying to become. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath and allow yourself to become present though observing each inhalation and exhalation. Allow yourself to connect.