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Webcast Series: Returning to Love – 3 Part Series Bundle


In February, Panache shared three 60-minute sessions that had you asking:  Is your entire focus in February hinging on the outcome of one single day—Valentine’s Day? Are you continually asking yourself why you are still alone? How much longer are you going to hold the people you love hostage for something only you can truly give yourself?

Love is too infinite to fit into a 24-hour period. If you continue to make intimate relationships the only source of validation in your life, then you will completely miss the truth that the foundation for love ultimately resides within you.

Every relationship, whether it seems to be functional or dysfunctional, is serving a divine purpose. No matter what, everything is leading you to experience and embody love of the highest order.In the is series, Panache takes you on a 3-part vibrational journey into the heart of love.

  • Access into the truth about love and how you can live it as the moment-to-moment experience of your life
  • Resonate vibrationally as unconditional love
  • Nurture and re-prioritize the most important relationship of all—your relationship with yourself

This webcast series is your opportunity to finally recognize the signs pointing you back to the deepest truth about love. Isn’t it time to stop hedging your bets on someone or something outside of yourself? Now is the time to start loving the person that you are always. Are you ready to open your heart to yourself?