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Separation Ends Mastery Begins

Separation Ends Mastery Begins

As long as you continue to see yourself as separate from everything that is occurring around you, you will live a life constricted by your beliefs, emotions and limitations.

Separation Ends, Mastery Begins is a journey into the depths of your true nature as the Divine created you to be. Within you exists a Divine Intelligence. Your entire life’s journey is drawing back to that remembrance. Open your eyes and see who really walks beside you, who truly sits across the table, who has agreed to embark along this breathtaking life with you. Be still in your presence and connect to your brilliance.

Over three hours of energetically infused teachings, shared by spiritual master Panache Desai, expand your capacity to harness your infinite potential. Access the secret to self-empowerment and get ready for a life beyond your wildest dreams.

From Filmmaker Roger Ingraham
Another jewel captured by a master storyteller.