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Sharing Our Light And Finding A Cure

The Vibration of Giving Back

“Eventually one’s spiritual pursuit shifts from being inward focused to being a contribution. This is a sign of maturing into one’s soul. This shift compels you to give back recognizing that in helping another you are, in truth, only ever helping the collective parts of yourself.”


In the month of October, we are donating a portion of our sales to the Avon Foundation for Women to support women’s wellness, find a cure, and create a future without breast cancer.

Every human is whole, complete, and perfect on the level of his or her soul. This is a truth that all people on the planet are in the midst of embracing. When this awareness is anchored in enough of us, we will collectively begin to make pain and suffering a thing of the pass. Until then we must do all that we can to help our brothers and sisters who are struggling.

The Vibrational Gift of Giving Back

When we recognize our wholeness and are brimming with spirit, we can’t help but overflow with love. The peace and elation that arise from this consciousness revolutionizes our experience of life. Once we embrace our true self, wholly and completely, nothing feels better than giving back.

This anchoring in the truth of ourselves catalyzes our frequency. It expands exponentially as it breaks through and rises like the dawn. As our rays spread and expand into more, we realize how our growing luminosity can help give warmth and light to others. The transformation awakens us, making us open to seeing everyone as an opportunity to share our overflowing tenderness and joy.

While Team Desai has decided to embrace a global cause in the month of October, giving back is about being the difference and sharing your beautiful light wherever you are – whether it’s aiding a friend, contributing to your neighborhood, or donating to a cause in another part of the world.

A Place Of Grace

We may have felt that a “saving the world” scenario was necessary to complete who we are but now as the recognition of our completeness begins to flower, we can give from a place of grace. We are arriving at a consistent spaciousness within ourselves to where we can effectively be a valuable force for change. When we embrace our wholeness we become a solution for the world.

Breast cancer effects our mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers and in some cases, our children and the men in our lives as well. It’s something that we want to focus on in the month of October and help in providing care the best way we can at this time. That’s the blessing of our journey and the light we wish to share with the world.

When we give back, our powerful vibration echoes back to us.  Let’s feel them together.

The Avon Foundation For Women

The Avon Foundation for Women, the world’s largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy focused on issues that matter most to women, was founded in 1955. Today, Avon philanthropy focuses its funding on breast cancer research and access to care through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence through its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program.

Thanks to the inspired efforts of 180,000 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer participants, $472 million has been raised and donated to breast cancer programs since 2003. Your support funds research to find a cure or prevention, as well as programs that enable all patients to access quality care.