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At the 2016 Global Gathering, we welcome you to unleash your divine destiny together with a tribe of extraordinary visionaries dedicated to empowerment, support and elevating your energy to meet your TRUE potential.

Global Gathering 2016
Soul Family Global Reunion
Orlando, Florida
November 10 – 14, 2016

Is it possible to shift the way you think, fundamentally alter the way you see yourself, and change the course of your life in just one weekend?


This November marks our 7th Annual Global Gathering and I am called to extend a family reunion invitation to each of you. Imagine the heart-felt joy you will experience as you are welcomed back into the arms of those who love you for your authentic brilliance. We’ve planned many surprises and can’t wait to see who accepts our early invitation.

Unleash Your Divine Destiny
You are not just capable of achieving miraculous breakthroughs; it’s your divine destiny. And at this year’s Global Gathering, Panache will activate a vibrational force of Divine proportion to empower you to climb out from beneath your old stories, integrate past hurts and limiting beliefs so that you may claim your authentic power and unleash your divine destiny.

Vibrational transformation, the gift that flows through me, is the catalyst for this explosive energetic expansion. When vibration and frequency is freed to flow and expand, you are able to breakthrough your self-imposed limitations and step into the flow of grace. Your elevated state of vibration calls into your reality miraculous synchronicities and outcomes and all of creation moves you toward a life of limitless proportions.
Imagine the massive changes you can create over 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½ or even 5 ½ intense days of expansive energetic work to bring about the breakthroughs you’ve searched for your entire life. Panache will help you to:

  • Ignite the vibration of expansion which awakens your awareness to fresh perspectives on any challenge, be it health, wealth, relationship, career, abundance, or connection
  • Access the forces of energetic transformation and learn how to harness them in your day-to-day life
  • Mainline a greater energetic field of possibility so that you may uncover your highest purpose and begin living it
  • Exponentially expand your energetic set point so that you may claim your authentic power, express limitless abundance, embody vibrant health and well-being, and experience true joy
  • Create your Global Gathering breakthrough so that you may begin to manifest a life filled with passion, purpose and joy

New Options for Participation
There are new levels of participation this year including an All-Access Pass that includes two day long Pre-Conferences and a weekend immersion experience like no other. AND if you purchase an All-Access Pass between now and April 25th, you can take advantage of our 2-payment option.

Be among the first to sign up and start a global wave of possibility.