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Stabilizing Your State Of Being

We are now moving to a point in our evolution where we need to be consistent in our state of being no matter who you are, or who you are with or what you are doing or what’s happening.  Recognize that you are the one that is denying yourself the experience you wish to have and that you are allowing other people, or what’s happening in the world or what’s happening in your life to do that. 

Once you realize that your happiness isn’t determined by someone else, your peace isn’t defined by another person, and your freedom isn’t inhibited by some external factor, you then understand your state of being is independent of what’s happening. 

Here’s your challenge: Be consistent in your misery.  If you are not miserable in every area of your life, and you are only miserable in certain areas, realize you have the capacity to access different states of being. It’s time for you to commit to being yourself – peaceful, joyful, loving, compassionate. The more you commit to being consistent, the more you stabilize your state. 

Right now, you might be one person in an area of your life, and another person in another area. The inconsistency is what keeps you in the struggle. Once you realize you don’t have to switch up who you are in any area of your life and just be yourself, then there’s freedom. 

It’s important to recognize that you are not being you in your life all the time. You can be awesome and everyone else can just be who they are. Be consistent in who you are. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living mediation.