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Stop Taking the Rejection of Others Personally

Life is in constant motion, but not everything in your life is at the same rate of motion. 

An example is like riding in a car. You’re driving down a road, but everything that you’re driving past is moving past you. Why? Because you’re at a different rate of motion than everything that’s walking on the street or riding a bike. Your trajectory is at a different rate of motion than everything and everyone else in your life. Every now and again, you’ll bump into someone who’s at the same rate of motion. And those are the people that are sticky. They stick in your life, a product of momentum and energy. If someone is on an evolutionary journey and they’re committed to the evolutionary journey, more than likely, they’ll be able to hang with you.

I’m not just talking about the PDF presentation version of their evolutionary journey. I’m talking about this energy vibration and frequency, ancient technology. Your role isn’t to worry about the people that you’re leaving behind. Your role is to be excited about the people that are coming into your life. Because as a result of this momentum and this energy, when somebody is at a rate of vibration that rejects you, it’s because they don’t love themselves. And you move on. And guess what? When you have the courage to move on and not make yourself wrong, God will send you somebody who does love themselves, who can hear what you have to say, who recognizes your gift. 

If you’re always holding onto the people that rejected you, or that made you wrong, or they couldn’t hear what you had to say, and you’re still sitting here trying to figure out what you did or didn’t do, you’re wasting your life. You’re just at a different rate of momentum.The momentum of your evolution is taking you at a rate that is different than everyone else in your life. It doesn’t make you wrong.

The ones that you’re leaving behind, aren’t meant to be in your life, or they’ll be in your life in a different way. But the ones that are coming into your life, the ones that you’re driving toward, those are more a vibration of reflection and alignment of you.

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.