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Webcast Series: Surrendering to Spirit – 3 Part Series Bundle


Explore this unique livestream series of three 60-minute sesions to uncover why you may be stuck in a repetitive cycle that just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Do you dream of breaking free from the boredom if you only knew where or how to start? What if you surrendered to every moment as it happens—no matter how small or tedious—and lived your life with purpose, passion and possibility?

Often your spiritual unfolding is thought of as a destination that’s dependent on certain people, places and things happening. But what if it could be actualized through an intricate code concealed in plain sight?

Panache reveals the inner workings of the world’s most ancient teachings, including Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, designed to unlock the infinite majesty of a divinely inspired life. Explore the possibility of understanding the world as some of the most enlightened beings of all time have and take your place among the ever increasing numbers who are dedicated to loving and living the power of present moment awareness.

Panache guides you through a 3-part livestream series that will take you on an internal pilgrimage and exploration into what it means to surrender to spirit.

• Awakening to a New You: Unlocking the secrets of the ancient masters in your own life
• Living from Hope: Accessing the insights of present moment awareness in every moment
• Walking a New Path: How to live every day with purpose, passion and possibility