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The #1 Gift to Give This Christmas

Merry Everything!

In the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, it’s easy to lose sight of the greatest gift that we may all extend, not just at Christmas, but all year round.

The holidays are about being with family and friends, being in the family dynamic, and giving the gift of us. While presents under the tree are lovely, we’re here to give something far greater. It’s the gift of ourselves and our capacity to truly connect with the people around us. You see it’s the time you spend with people – really listening, engaging, and interacting with them intently – that is the true gift of the season.

As we engage in the endless activity surrounding the holidays, there can be so much build up and stress that we don’t even enjoy the actual event. But when we can simply be present for people and be with them without all the fanfare and unnecessary frenetic hoopla, we come back to what the season is about.

Breathe deep and really look at the people surrounding you. Those at home, in the office, in the carpool lane, at the local coffee shop, and on TV. Every one of them holds the light of the Divine inside them. That spark does not go out, even in their darkest moments. It’s possible they’re lost or asleep, waiting to awaken to their own worth. They may simply need to be seen. They are not broken and do not need fixing. They just need to be witnessed and acknowledged as a person. If we truly want peace on earth, we must accept and embrace every human being exactly as they are.
It is time to begin within.  We must lovingly embrace the alienated aspects of ourselves, let our emotional content rise to the surface, and face it. Don’t judge. Dig deep within and fully accept whatever you find – your anger, your sorrow, your pain, and all your perceived missteps. The Divine loves unconditionally and without limits.  Then, when you’ve accepted yourself, make a commitment to accept and connect to others, no matter their situation, in the same way. 

I know your capability for limitless love, patience, joy and compassion. I feel the energy of your potential and I see your brilliance. You are an unstoppable force of goodness in the world.

You are the brightest, most exceptional gift possible. Sharing your authentic self, your radiance, and your light is what’s needed to illuminate the lives of others and set the world ablaze with love. Give the gift of you this year and every year for decades to come because being present is your present.

Merry Christmas 2013