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The Absolute Truth of Reality

I am so thankful that my life did not work out the way I wanted it to, the way I had envisioned it, the way I had prayed for it, the way I had intended. Thank God that my life didn’t bend to meet me in my limited lens of perception. 

Mark Twain said famously: 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.

The day I figured out why I was born, interestingly enough, was New Year’s Eve 2002/2003.  On that day, I had a direct experience with the Divine. I experienced God, The Divine, The Beloved, as an infinite ocean of love. No judgement, no criticism, no forgiveness – just love in its purest form.  Since that day, I have been no longer able to deny why I am here. I was shown very clearly that we are all connected to this love, every single one of us.  

This love lives inside of us, and all around us, at all times. You could say that it is the absolute truth of our reality.  What it takes to live there, is a willingness to let go of what you think you know. What it takes to live there is surrender. 

I was also shown that this presence had been flowing through me my entire life. I was just not aware of it.  We think we need to be doing something. Society tells us that we have to become someone, that we have to amount to something, that we have to in some way prove our value and our worth. 

But, what if every human being knew innately that they were loved, and that actually, they were here on an amazing journey.  A journey through which they get to remember why they were born. 

Why were you born? Were you born to perpetuate this constant grasping for things outside of you? Or, were you born to one day realize that you are enough? And in realizing that you are enough, you consciously become aware of the fact that there is a universal energy and presence flowing through you as well. 

Since 2002-2003, my life has never been the same because I now know that my life is not about me and that it actually never was. This persona, this body, these emotions, the mind, all that I am is nothing more than an instrument and a vehicle. That’s it, no different than a flute, a saxophone, a drum kit, or a guitar.  An instrument that has been tuned uniquely and is played by a savant, the most talented musician in creation.  That is why we are here, to play love’s melody in this world. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation.