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Webcast Series: The Anointing – The Gifts of the Magi – 4 Part Series Bundle


Panache proudly reintroduces this timeless holiday webcast series of four 60-minute livestreams because of the profound impact the activation of the three gifts has had on so many lives. You are being called to birth the Christ Consciousness within your heart. In doing so, you increase your capacity to carry the flame of Divine love for everyone. Panache shares four vibrational activations to elevate and amplify your capacity to anchor and receive at this time.

Part 1: The Activation of Gold initiates kinship within your being and brings with it the blessing of collective consciousness.

Part 2: The Activation of Frankincense, the symbol of priestship and prayer, an initiation of the brotherhood and sisterhood of light bearers.

Part 3: The Activation of Myrrh, the symbol of the loving acceptance, continues the expansion of Divine presence.

Part 4: Unwrapping the Vibrational Gifts of the Magi – now that you’ve received the sacred trilogy of activations – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – it’s important to integrate them within your being and uncover how to apply them in the moment-to-moment experience of your life

In real-world terms, these activations will support your capacity to stand firm amidst the shifts and changes of a personal life and a greater world that no longer serves you. They will enhance your ability to trust in your heart and allow the Divine to direct you anointing you with a greater capacity for unconditional love and beingness.