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The Art of Not Selling Out

I’ve noticed more and more these days how we glorify superficiality in our society. You see it in social media, reality TV, commercials, movies and music. Even our news channels have sold out. But while our cultural landscape seems to be waning, I believe there’s also an increasing desire for something significant and real in our lives.

As individuals, we’ve put undue pressure on ourselves to make a substantial living – even if it means rejecting your true expression for a career that doesn’t actually suit us.

One of the main reasons people don’t flourish in their careers is because they’re not authentically aligned with what they’re doing. If you’re not good at numbers, being an accountant may not be a realistic career path. You may not want to spend years of your life studying medicine if being a doctor isn’t really your passion. However, if you heed the greater call for something meaningful and honest, it can take you beyond the desire for wealth and success. When you get in touch with that attitude, you no longer have to go searching for a career. The career that fits comes looking for you.

When you come into authentic alignment with yourself, you don’t need material objects to make yourself feel successful. You begin to put core values in place – keystones that guide your inner authenticity and soul signature.

There are two expressions – the expression that solely caters to the external and the expression that stems from deep internal connection. The latter is the one that lasts. Your connection to yourself builds your inner strength and confidence. It also allows you to stay steadfast to your convictions and weather any storm. Without that vibrational stability, you swing in the wind, selling yourself out in any given moment and abandoning your core values.

Someone who is firmly rooted in themselves is immune to selling out. That person is living a life based on their core values. It means having the fortitude to say no to things that aren’t in alignment with your being. It means living the life you were meant to live.

What if you could trust in the fact that you were made the way you are for a reason? What if there’s a career that will leverage all your inherent gifts and talents in a way that works in your favor and for your good? 

You don’t have to sell out to be successful. Discover your soul signature, set your core values, and your own model of success will emerge.