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The Authentic Version of You

Right now, we are in the midst of the biggest breakthrough: A shift into presence, into residence. When we experience an expanded state, or a greater vibrational frequency, we are not experiencing anything but our natural state of being.

The longer I am alive, the more I begin to see with absolute clarity that the answer to every question or perceived problem you are experiencing in your life, is Oneness. 

The more you actually allow yourself to remember your natural state of being, the more your life just works. It breaks down to this very simple fundamental level: if there is currently anything going on in physical level with you in your life, rest in the awareness of your breath throughout the day and live in the acceptance of your humanity. Don’t fix it, don’t heal it, don’t change it, don’t improve it. Just simply accept it. 

In this acceptance, you’ll begin to open up to the infinite love and light that you are. This infinite love and life will begin to restore harmony and balance in your body. 

We don’t need to be healed. We all have the capacity for self-healing. We don’t need to be empowered. We all have the capacity for self-empowerment. We don’t need to be enlightened. We all have the capacity for self-actualization. In every one of these three examples, notice that the self is the source of the experience. Self-healing. Self-realization. Self-love. Self-actualization. The Self I am referring to is the authentic version of you. 

When you begin to pivot out of personality and into presence, and you begin to align with your natural state of being, harmony and balance begins to restore in every area of your life. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living mediation.