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The drop is the ocean itself

We’re alive during an unprecedented time that is calling us to have a radical revolution and redefinition within ourselves. I want you to know that you are God. You are that which you have been looking for outside of yourself. The infinite ocean has been expressing itself as the drop, but the drop is the ocean itself. 

It’s time to go beyond any and all forms of separation, any and all forms of duality. It’s time to take our power back from everywhere we have given it away thinking in some way shape or form, that there’s somebody who’s further along, somebody that’s better, somebody that is more evolved or somebody that has a gift that we don’t have. 

By virtue of the fact that you are a divine being, you are the source of every single thing.  Everything that you are seeing outside of you is the light not that you are. Everything you are experiencing outside of you is the manifestation of your own state of consciousness. 

It’s time to not just restore calm in ourselves, but it’s time we return to harmony, to the foundational truth of love and presence that is inside of us. And, as we begin to empower that truth, we recognize we are the source of what we are seeking. When we actually and fundamentally allow ourselves to know ourselves as God, we will then be able to see and perceive the evidence of that state of being in the manifest material world. 

If you are currently not experiencing this, it’s because you have been conditioned or brainwashed or programmed into believing that you are deficient or flawed in some way. You have been told over and over again that there is something wrong with you, that you need fixing, that you need healing, that you need to be changed. I have to tell you that that could not be further from the truth. 

It’s time to leave the inner-revolution, to awaken that passion, the fire of transformation within, and to recall all of the light and all of the power that we have given away, that we have projected onto others. We are now at a point in the evolutionary timeline of this crisis where it is time to undergo this radical revolution inside you. You Are God.