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You Are Enough – The Five Commitments

“Commitment creates intention, and intention makes a desire worthy of manifestation.”

When you elevate and prioritize a goal or desire, you dedicate your intelligence and power to it. And when you bring your intelligence and power to bear on a goal, it comes into being.

I offer you the following five commitments. Allow them to become the foundation that powers your expansion.

#1: Commit to Knowing Your Essential Self

To commit to your Essential Self is to fully employ the power of Divine Intelligence in your life, letting go of the attachments and expectations that cloud its transmission. In truth, you are the Observer of this life. It is grace that is guiding the unfolding of your evolution. Grace powers revelation; grace reveals oneness and your life’s purpose. It is grace that restores full remembrance of your Essential Self. This discovery, this unfolding, this realization, and this revelation is your commitment

#2: Commit to a New Past, Present, and Future

The created self remembers a past of victimhood, generated by a limited vision, under a false judgment, in a sea of misperceptions. None of it is authentic or true, because life is never happening to you. It can only, in every case, be happening for you, for your expansion, for your evolution, for your awakening.  The future, in reality, holds possibilities beyond your ability to imagine. Life is always expanding into more. To see your past, present, and future in a new way is your commitment.

#3: Commit to Inner Peace

Fear, resistance, attachment, and control are the modus operandi of the created self. When you bring mindfulness to how you resist life, to how you become attached to outcomes, to how you control life, you create a space, an opening for the light of conscious awareness to shine on the fear. When fear is brought into conscious awareness, it loses its power. This allows peace. Commit to your peace.

#4: Commit to Fulfillment

True fulfillment arises when you perform your duty, when you finish what you set out to accomplish, when you move in the direction of your purpose. Your purpose is to know your

Essential Self and fully express that in the world. Life has its inner and outer reality, and fulfillment is both internal and external. It is critical that you have 200 percent fulfillment: 100 percent inner fulfillment and 100 percent outer fulfillment. Living 200 percent of life is your commitment. Fulfillment is your commitment.

#5: Commit to Unlimited Possibilities

When you define yourself as unworthy, you create an energy barrier to receiving all that is meant for you. Moving toward self-­love requires a rise in vibrational frequency—­a vibrational leap, an upleveling. Trust supports making these vibrational leaps. Trust allows flow, and flow opens you to possibility. So if you want to redefine what is possible in your life, you begin with accepting and trusting what is true and authentic. Limitless possibilities becoming your reality is your commitment.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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