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Webcast Series: The Frequency of Freedom: Liberating the Energy of Love 4 Part Series Bundle

The Frequency of Freedom:
Liberating the Energy of Love
4 Part Series Bundle

Break Free From What’s Holding You Back.

Guilt and regrets. Everyone has them. And we’d all like to break free from them. You need not be held captive any longer. It’s time to organize a vibrational jailbreak, escape the painful prison of our past, and liberate our lives with the powerful, energetic force of love.

Tied Up in Knots and Locked in Place

We may feel like our past will never let us go, vibrationally locked in our perception of ourselves because of our perceived mistakes, lost opportunities, or roads not taken. In this moment, we may feel the frequency of freedom will never be ours.  Panache’s 4-part livestream series empowers you to move beyond your guilt, your shame, and your limiting relationship constructs and see the perfection in the timeline of your life. By accepting our pain and allowing our regret to wash over us, the energetic barrier and vibrational density of our past dissipates, permitting love to flow freely into all areas of our life.

The Four Keys to Finding the Frequency of Freedom

It’s Not You. It’s Me: Breaking the Endless Feedback Loop If relationships repeatedly play out in ways that leave you feeling underappreciated or undervalued, you may be habitually playing the role of the “you” that no longer exists. Panache’s vibrational exercises will shift your frequency to embrace the present, most luminous you, fostering a healthier relationship with yourself and those around you.

Groundhog Day: Loving Guilt and Expanding Your Heart Our memories of former perceived missteps suck us backwards in life and keep us trapped in a reality where we cannot progress, flow, or feel the glorious brilliance that is our life. At the level of your soul, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Panache links you to a vibrational foundation of truth that exposes the purpose of guilt and shows you the light of living free from the pain of the past.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Shining the Light of Conscious Awareness on Past Regrets We often believe if we’d done just one thing differently in life, everything would be perfect. Fixating on regrets about the things we did or didn’t do can keep us up all night or in bed all day, mired in possibilities that exist solely in our mind. In this webcast, Panache unleashes powerful vibrational attunements to come into a more vibrant frequency of freedom – embracing the present and exploring your endless potential and possibility.

The Timeline of Your Life: Identify and Embrace the Perfection of Your Past This is not just a livestream, but a fun filled, thrill ride back in time to explore our past and lovingly embrace the “you” you once were. Panache’s vibrational anchorings allow you to examine your yester-years without judgment and appreciate the wonder in the timeline you have authored for yourself. You are, and have always been, a perfect creation of the Divine. Jump into the energetic time machine and revisit your vibrational evolution with the frequency of forgiveness and the power of love.