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The Key To Accepting Our Greatness

And The Winner is… Everyone

Awards season is a beautiful, odd and fascinating phenomenon. Through the glitter and glamour, gold and gowns, we’ve created a culture of externalizing our talents and abilities, then tuning in to see them be rewarded. We have parties to celebrate it, office pools to wager on it, and wait with anticipation for the envelopes to open. But ultimately all of this is just an opportunity to applaud our own unique gifts and talents. We all have an innate ability in a specific area. What unleashes that ability is an unwavering, burning desire – a universal ache for something greater to be born into this reality.

Awards season let’s us remember that we’re all the lead actor in our own movie. It’s amazing that we also start the year with the Super Bowl, and this year, the Winter Olympics. They too are great external reminders of our internal potential. We all have this ache – this desire to uncover greater possibility within ourselves that comes direct from source. And as we come into alignment with our truth – our unique Soul Signature – we are unleashing that possibility into the world.

We as human beings often feel the aspiration to do something outrageous and extraordinary with our life. The extraordinary feat we wish to accomplish – the prowess of world renowned athlete, the strength of a world leader, or the artistic talent of a famous actor – is born from a willingness to be great. We all have the same raw, fundamental potential – not born of our circumstances, location and bank account – but born of the soul. There is no difference between you and Meryl Streep. No difference between you and Nelson Mandela or David Beckham. It is these individuals' burning desire to excel in their chosen fields that made them celebrated and recognized.

People innately want to be great and we all have that possibility inside us. A teacher has the potential to unleash brilliance in a classroom but only if she’s inspired to be brilliant. A carpenter has the potential to build a magnificent home only if he’s inspired to be magnificent himself. A new model is forming – a blueprint for any person to ignite and inspire their greatness, regardless of their role or situation.

Great people do great things and great things benefit the collective whole. They help us reevaluate what it means to be human and inspire us to move into more. Regardless of where we are, where we were born, our race, our gender or our socioeconomic situation – none of those things are determining factors when it comes to our greatness. Our greatness is directly derived and accessed through our willingness to commune with our soul, open ourselves up to our own Divine glory and be the shining star we were born to be.