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The Living, Breathing Record of Your Unconscious

The Last part of us to shift is the body. In India, when all of the different practices were created, they were created to work on us in different ways. And the reason for that is they understood that we exist at different rates of vibration. Emotions exist at a different rate of vibration, thought exists at a different rate of vibration, and the body exists in a different vibration. 

It’s time we address the body. Your body is like a hard drive. What is it recording? It’s recording the residual memory of you – who you used to be, how you used to be, emotions from the past. Your body is a living, breathing record of your unconscious. This is why in mystery schools and ancient transformative processes, there was always a physical component to one’s development. Because at some point, there has to be a cellular rotation and as a result, a vibrational rotation within one’s being

Imagine for a moment if the body is the hard drive, then the identity is what is continuing to hold the pain, the trauma, the suffering, the separation in place. Whatever is happening in your body is because of who you are at the level of your identity. 

How do we evolve and move forward? By shifting out of our identities and into our essential selves. The more you relax into your natural state of being, and the more you continue to source your reality from this place of presence, the more the body returns to its natural state of being – a blank canvas. 

The purpose of the body is to allow the light of the soul to be fully expressed through it. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.