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The Pinnacle of Self-Expression

You have to know that you are fully capable of meeting whatever is happening in your life. At some point, your confidence and your belief in yourself began to erode away. It was probably about the time you began asking people how you were doing. 

It’s time to restore and meet life powerfully irrespective of what’s happening because at the end of the day it’s just life doing what life does. Your confidence, self-belief and knowledge comes from the certainty that you’ve been created perfectly to live your life, and that no mistakes have been made. And even those things you wish you could have a do-over for, were actually moments through which you could then glean the necessary experience that you needed in order to authentically hold space for others. 

We are reaching the pinnacle of self-expression. And that’s what happens when we allow ourselves to be authentically ourselves. We reach this pinnacle of self-actualization and self expression. We’ve been created perfectly to live our lives. This is the blessing of surrendering to the perfection of your design and surrendering to the design of your reality. 

No matter what life brings into your existence, you are fully qualified and capable to meet every moment. This is how you become unbreakable.

It’s very easy to stand on the outside of life and have an opinion and not live it. It’s a whole other thing to wake up and you be that person. People have made you question your ability, and question yourself. God doesn’t put you through anything that you are not capable of handling. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.