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The Power of Naming And Claiming Our Secret Distractions

It’s 7:00pm.  You’ve had a long, arduous day at work. You come home to an empty apartment and a stack of bills.  Like Hank Williams, you’re so lonesome you could cry.  But instead of shedding your tears and embracing your fears, you binge, watch a complete season of Dexter and shamefully eat six grocery store cupcakes for dinner. The next day the cycle begins all over again.

Everyone has their own way of handling stress, fear, sorrow and anger and we come to rely on those distractions to always be there for us when we need them. We get defensive and angry when these vices are threatened – not realizing the comfort we seek in food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, the internet, sex, or video games is actually keeping us from our true happiness. Only when we vibrationally call out our distractions – the social media, the video games, work, working out, The Real Housewives of New Jersey – and own them – can we consciously choose to retire them to the bad habit graveyard.


No matter what demons we dance with, we seem to feel that out of 7.2 billion people WE are the ONLY ones who go through a bottle of vodka or spend hours upon hours on Pinterest when we’re having a bad workweek – that we are all alone in our personal pain management practices. We keep our vices a shameful secret because we believe no one else would understand them.  Hidden behind the veil of clandestine energy, the distractions grow, sometimes to dangerous proportions.

It’s time to name names – to call out our distractions and to own them.
“I eat bags of Dorito’s to stifle my disappointments.”
“I buy shoes online to kill my feelings of self-doubt.”
“I take Percocet to kill my emotions.”


When we shine the light of day on our secret vices, we don’t feel so alone. We stop believing that we’re “the only ones” and we can become more comfortable and open in facing what’s taking us out of present moment awareness. As we loosen the grip on the shame and secrecy of our hidden distractions, they are disempowered. We are taking the charge out of the energy that keeps them in place and we are growing more self-empowered and can more easily see them for what they are and peacefully let them go.

What is YOUR distraction?  What do you turn to when you want to break from your reality? Share it here in the following posts. In this safe place, let’s break the cycle of shame, embrace our secret coping mechanisms, and shift our energy toward our truth and our most abundant, luminous life.

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