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“No. It can't be done.”

“No. It's not the way I do things.”

“No. We don't have the funds for that.”

“No. That wouldn't work because (insert your excuse here).”

Sometimes our lives can be filled with one big bag of no. When faced with a proposition or question, “no” is often our knee-jerk response. Saying no can become habitual, an automatic response as natural as blinking. It can stop you from taking that trip to Paris, from agreeing to a first date or presenting an innovative new idea in your workplace. It can be used to pave the path of least resistance, absolve you of responsibility, or feed your hesitation around the unknown. “No” forces everything into an energetic stand still. It instantaneously throws up a wall that stops your flow and cuts off life's endless possibilities.

It's amazing how a little two-letter word can wield so much muscle. However, there is one word that has infinitely more power, intensity and vibrational fortitude than the mighty 'no.'

It's the epic, magnificent 'yes.'

Saying yes evokes undeniable shifts in energy. Where saying no shuts everything down, “Take a risk? I don't think so,” “I'm not open to anything different,” “I don't want to deal with strangers,” a 'yes' opens doors to exhilarating potential. “Yes. I want more from life,” “Yes. I'll take a chance and try something new,” “Yes. I'll put myself out there and meet new people.” Just one magnificent 'yes' has the power to lift your frequency, skyrocket your vibration, and transform your life in countless, unimaginable ways.

On the other hand, “saying yes” does not mean agreeing to everything. Reserve your magnificent yeses for what is in alignment with your soul- even if it's scary, seems difficult, or not what pleases others. Saying yes is taking a leap into the unknown and not allowing “no” to be your default simply to avoid uneasiness. Coming from an authentic place of yes means loving and honoring your true self enough to step courageously out of your comfort zone and into your most amazing life.

Yes is the essence of openness, freedom, and Divine love. Once you begin triumphantly saying yes, life flows, opportunities arise, and people appear that elevate your course and frequency forever.

Switch off the “no” and allow the extraordinary to unfold. Your world can be lifted to amazing heights with just one magnificent yes.

Is there an instance where saying yes has changed your life? Share your story with us in the comments section below.