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Webcast Series: The Power of Unplugging – 4 Part Series Bundle

Join Panache in this series of four one-hour livestreams and immerse yourself into the silent and transformative Power of Presence. Uncover the vast resources within and align with the highest possibilities for your life.

How much static is life streaming through your physical, emotional and vibrational system? Are your nerves frayed? Are you physically exhausted? Are you emotionally at wits end? Do you feel disconnected? Are you putting pressure on yourself to make important decisions? How well are you able to focus at work, home or most importantly on your own personal well-being? The internal destination of stillness is the greatest oasis of rest, renewal and reconnection. It is a private sanctuary that invites you in so that you may quiet the chaos of the world around you. When you are able to connect to stillness you attune your entire being to the soft, gentle messages of universal presence so that you may receive the clearest guidance from your own internal source of wisdom.

Panache vibrationally unplugs you from the pressure and offers you 30 days to rest, restore and renew. The gift and contribution that you are to this world is extraordinary therefore it’s important to dive into the wisdom, love and light that is you. With each inward reconnection you are fed from a limitless wellspring of divine energy that rejuvenates and reinvigorates your being so that you are ready, from a place of inner calm and presence, for whatever it is you choose to focus your energies. In these silent sessions, Panache holds a space for you to access and harness the power of your light, become your own authority and live your truth.