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Webcast Series: The Pursuit of Happiness Master Class – 4 Part Series Bundle

The Pursuit of Happiness Master Class
4 Part Series Bundle

Discover True Joy and What Gets In the Way

Panache delivers the highest vibrational access to what you’ve been asking for… happiness. Provided in four 60 minute livestreams, this master class will expand your being as Panache experientially empowers you with surprising insights, powerful integrations and limitless vibrational possibility. As an infinite being you are all energies, all emotions and all experiences. Discover how to access pure joy in each interaction and every moment.

Part 1:  What’s Standing in the Way of Your Happiness?
Do you think happiness is just a mysterious, fleeting feeling? Have you ever wondered if you even deserve true joy? Panache reveals why happiness is not something you can seek outside of yourself–it already is your divine nature.

Part 2:  The Secret to Phenomenal Bliss
Being human means you will have thoughts and emotions that you choose to label positive or negative, but these preconceived notions limit your ability to know pure joy. Find out what you can do to start experiencing phenomenal bliss – right now!

Part 3:  Vibrating Happiness
When you see yourself for who you truly are–radiant, divine light–you will discover a deeper sense of peace and contentment with yourself and everyone in your life, regardless of your past relationships.

Part 4: Your Essential Ecstatic Nature
When you unlock the keys to lasting fulfillment, you will wholeheartedly know the truth of who you are and all that you are destined to be. You already are happiness. You already are love.