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The Restoration of Safety Within You

As with all things in duality, we have a very outward focused way of being as it relates to energy. You might say you feel a certain way because of “that person”. The truth is you don’t feel that way because of that person, you feel that way because you have an infinite power station inside of you that’s just been turned on. The switch just got flicked on and you are now generating your own energy, you are connected to your own energy. All of the biological phenomena required to facilitate the evolution of you, your brain, is now in flow. 

But what is that energy? It’s the sexual energy, the sacred creative potential of the universe and it’s ascending just as you are ascending. As that energy flows upward, it starts to nurture and nourish every chakra and eventually moves up to the top of the brain and activates all of the dormant centers in your brain. We’ve heard that we don’t use 97% of our brain, give or take, and guess what, you can now activate that 97% of your brain.

There is nothing you need to do with any of these emotions or feelings. Just welcome them. 

For some of you that may have experienced sexual abuse and trauma, this might be difficult. Because of your experiences, you feel it is not safe for you to be in this sexual energy. This is why it’s important to restore the foundation of safety within you first, so you can be in this creative energy and relax into it. Being in that energy doesn’t mean you are going to be abused again and it’s not going to attract people in your life that will take advantage of you. 

You don’t have to be afraid of being in that energy. You can move through the awakening of this. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been waiting for the creative power within you to finally awaken. This creative power is a byproduct of the restoration of safety within the experience of the individual. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.