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The Revelation of The Butterfly

Every energy you are experiencing is meant to ascend, to be used for your ascension. You’re at the point in your awakening where it’s time to allow your personal vibration and frequency to ascend into the frequency of divine love. Freeing you of control and resistance allows every experience to flow through you and facilitates your ascension. 

We do this by coming into an inclusive framework of our humanity which is what we’ve been doing in our Call to Calm Meditations over the past 400 and something days, and by allowing all of our energy to flow upward. This is important because you have been conditioned to take your energy and to make it everything outside of you. It’s why you are exhausted. This is how you’ve been trained and how you’ve been disempowered. 

The very minute we become accountable and responsible, we begin to realize that every energy you have been experiencing is actually inside of you and is for your evolution. Everything there is to feel is for your evolution. And that’s when you begin to allow these energies to ascend. The more they ascend, the more every part of you begins to facilitate your transformation, or the revelation of the butterfly . . .  into divine love. 

This is how it works. We first have to cure you of externalization, of all the really bad training you’ve received where you’re in separation and duality and everything is about everything outside of you. Once you’re free of that, you can begin to cultivate this greater ability to harness your energy and to utilize it for your expansion. This is when things begin to shift. 

So, why haven’t you been able to sustain states of connection or abundance, or health and vitality? Because it’s all been about everything outside of you. What we’ve been doing gradually,  is refocusing you on the truth of focusing within you. Everything that is happening in the world is evoking within you everything you have to feel in order to evolve and ascend. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.