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Your Are Enough – The Shift

“When you can meet yourself without expectation and just relax into who you are here and now, others are freed to do the same thing.”

When was the last time you got lost in a good book? Or baked an apple pie “for no reason” and then savored each hot sweet bite? Or spent time in nature … Or sat down at the piano … Or played racquetball … Or consciously did whatever it is that makes you feel a sense of connection and pleasure?

In all likelihood, you were not conditioned to make your well-­being a priority, to extend love and respect to yourself. You may have learned to give all your love and kindness to others, making their happiness the barometer of how worthy you were of that same love and kindness.

Love is not about having, needing, controlling, achieving, or getting something. It is about the direct experience of the Essential Self. When you access that internal reservoir, it can extend outward to others with simplicity, compassion, and warmth.

In truth, love is not so much a feeling or emotion, but rather a fundamental experience of reality. To love is to “be with” life—­unconditionally. Everything else is a distortion projected onto life as a result of your inner separation.

More often than not, we strive to create better versions of our future selves, to “improve” ourselves in order to feel loved and accepted by others. But the truth is, universal love is already   within you, right now, as you are. These are not just words. This is the reality of you.

When you fully embrace this reality, you will be able to be a living, breathing beacon of divine energy. People will relax around you and feel comfortable and safe in your presence.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by HarperOne. 

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