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The Truth of You

Many of you are living in this misunderstanding or false framework for what evolution is and what transformation looks like. You’ve got it all wrong about you. You are the most beautiful thing in creation. 

What you have to get or understand or begin to become aware of is the fact that every aspect of you is true. The created self is true, everything you deemed as the contraction or what’s unlovable about you and the part where nothing matters, where everything is in a state of flow, that is also true. 

You have two aspects of you that are playing out concurrently. Both of these seemingly contrasting aspects of you are playing out in every moment. What you are unaware of, or what you have yet to become fully powered in is the greater truth. The greater truth is that the creative self is an entry point to the essential self, into expansion. 

For example, a person who is on the spiritual path, has a day where they are angry. And, they make themselves wrong for being angry. What they are missing out on is the fact that the anger they are experiencing isn’t a commentary on their state of consciousness at the level of the essential self. It’s just an experience they are having as the created self. 

How to Work With It:

Whenever you accept the creative self, you access the essential self. It’s that simple. Your identity is the entry point into infinity. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation.