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The Whisper of Something Great

Panache’s New Year’s Wish for You

We are on the cusp of a New Year and people are scrambling to make sense of an awakening deep within. It’s an inner-calling to evolve. Suddenly you feel braver, more capable. As if you could take on the world. Sadly, most will misinterpret the quiet whisper that is stirring their heart believing they should reevaluate their life and create resolutions in an effort to transform themselves.

This year I’ll lose weight.
This year I’ll find the partner of my dreams.
This year I’ll land the perfect job.
This year I’ll climb out of debt.
This year I’ll reach my evolutionary potential.

New Year’s resolutions are like the one-night stands of transformation. They are a superficial attempt at shifting your life. These empty promises, rooted in judgment and fear, are simply mental exercises that yield no lasting results. With a glass of champagne and a wing and a prayer you hope that your life will magically transform as you usher in another chapter of your life.

With the birth of a New Year everything in your reality is shifting, changing and evolving into more. Our planet is experiencing greater vibrational shifts and changes. The transformational matrix is expanding. All of creation is moving you into greater possibility so that you can support this global awakening. Our energetic reality is calling forth big changes. 

And that quiet stirring you sense? It’s your soul. Quietly, patiently, relentlessly calling you into your limitless nature. It’s not about looking back. Instead look forward and make the space to hear it.

My New Year’s prayer for you is that you disconnect from the cacophony and chaos of life and instead listen to the silence. Turn off your cell phones, your tablets, your computers, your televisions and your high tech toys and simply be still. Create the time and space for a mindfulness practice. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Reconnect with nature and allow your senses to feel magnificently alive.

As we start anew this day, make a seismic shift on the level of vibration and frequency, one that will call forth your deepest evolution. With this new-found spaciousness you will begin to connect with your inner observer, the seat of your beingness and you will be open to finding something truly awesome. Your destiny. Your purpose. Your reason for being on this earth. 

Allow me to help you translate this evolutionary whisper. You are being called to live your soul’s agenda. And that unfolds when you are willing to begin living your Divine design, a life that is in alignment with your true, authentic nature. Not what someone else wants you to be, but who you were created to be.

Unique, messy, emotional, inquisitive, authentic, courageous, conscious and connected. Someone willing to walk forward with an open heart into an uncertain future knowing that all of creation is moving you into more. Surrender. Your life is an endless practice. Take your time. Live your truth. And shine your light so brightly that an entire planet may find their own way too. 

Happy New Year.