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This Is What People Will Remember About You

You love so much.

You love everybody so much and that’s why you get frustrated, and why you get angry. What you are beginning to realize is that no matter how much you love yourself, you can’t make other people love themselves. 

At some point you have to recognize that every soul is on it’s own perfect journey and you have to allow everyone in your life, regardless of the relationship, to have their own journey. You don’t need to be the lifeguard in everybody’s life or micromanage and control every single person in your experience because you are afraid. Instead, how about you just begin to tell the truth: I love you and I am scared. 

“I love you and I am scared”

For the smoker you love, tell them that you love them and you are scared and why you are scared, and for the drinker in your life, tell them you love them and why you’re scared. Let those that you love know that you are experiencing fear. 

Vulnerability is the antidote and it provides you an entry point to authentically experiencing what’s really going on underneath, which is sadness. 

It can be hard to watch the people you love make choices that are self-destructive everyday. It can be hard to know something, to have an insight, and knowing that sharing that insight with another person could transform their life. And, when you do, they can’t hear you. 

Recognize that your attainment is for you, your love is for you. The more you allow yourself to be freed of the attachments you have to every person in your life, the easier and smoother your experience of being a human being becomes. It’s exhausting micromanaging, controlling and advocating on the behalf of the well-being of everyone in your life. If you are doing it at the cost of your peace, and the cost of your love, what’s the point?

In the end, what are people going to remember? They are going to remember the love that you shared with them, the love they felt when they were with you. They’ll remember the love you communicated with them on a consistent basis. The only thing that is real here here is love. 

Instead of going to the default setting of being afraid of something, and coming from a place of anger, frustration, or rage, please just tell the truth of how you feel.

“I really love you and I am scared. I‘m scared of the choices that you’re making are going to lead to you not being here anymore. . . you really matter to me, I see you, you are an integral part of my life.”  And that is the truth. That is the truth, the communication, the vulnerability and where the freedom comes from. 

Your freedom comes from aligning with the truth and expressing it. Speaking from your heart sets you and the other person that you are communicating with free. 

Rest in your silence of you breath for a living meditation.