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This Unified Field of Energy is Love

How do we continue to bolster and reaffirm the peace in our lives?

Peace is our natural state of being. First of all, you have to remember who you are and remembering who you are means, remembering how you feel as peace, because this is who you are in this beautiful presence. And this presence is experienced as peace in every moment. 

That’s why it’s important to live in breath. Awareness is quite honestly the only practice you’ll ever need because the more you abide in the breath and more you witness each inhalation and exhalation, the more you are remembering the peace that is your natural state of being.

Now we can begin to create a planet free of the illusion. What is the illusion? The illusion is everything based in fear. Fear is the illusion. Go back to the history books and you’ll see throughout history that entire continents and groups of people have been manipulated through fear, turning the population against itself. You end the illusion and the manipulation by being peaceful and no longer buying into what’s happening and no longer being afraid of what’s happening. 

When you stop questioning your place in infinity, you begin to access a mind and a heart that is greater than your own, a universal mind, a universal heart. And you begin to bring into this world, the answers and the solutions and the innovations that we’re all going to need. But the first thing that we have to do is build up a level of immunity to fear. We have to stop being scared and manipulated out of our light love and power. And most especially our sovereignty. 

Power is peace. You are peace.

The fastest way to peace is by remembering your oneness, by remembering that everyone and everything is you, and by remembering the truth. The truth that all of our ancestors, saints and sages, and profits from all traditions and religions have shared since the beginning of time:  we’re all a part of a unified field of energy. And this unified field of energy is love. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath transforms your life into a living meditation.