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Three Ways to Amp Up Your Divine Masculine Energy

(Whether You're Male or Female)


For centuries, men have ruled the earth. There have been women who sat on the throne, ran a country, or wielded immense power but not nearly as frequently as males.  Even still, the many times when they’re up to bat, the men that hold the power rule with the iron fist of domination, patriarchy, and force. These are all shadow aspects of masculinity and while many males have embraced them, there are also great men who summon their peaceful, protective, and powerful Divine Masculine power. 

We’ve all heard the sayings, “with great power comes great responsibility” and “might doesn’t make right.”  Just because you have the power of The Hulk doesn’t mean you have to smash everything in sight. The Divine Masculine is not macho, controlling, or unkind. It is just as much about love as our Divine Feminine and it is essential for creating balance, prosperity and vibrational harmony for all. We need to recognize true divine masculinity when we see it, nurture it, and use it equally with our feminine energy to unite forces and heal the world.

Here are three ways both men and women can employ their Divine Masculine energy and balance the vibration and frequency that creates life and makes it flow.


The Divine Masculine protector is gentle, strong and kind.  He is powerful but does not abuse that gift. Where there is conflict, he resolves it with decisive, peaceful energy. When someone is in trouble, he is not divisive. He helps not hurts. 

Your work colleague is developing an important project. His fears his job is on the line and he is in desperate need of your expertise. Where the brutish masculine might throw him under the bus to secure his own position, the Divine Masculine is eager to assist – perpetuating the forward motion of the situation and experiencing the joy of being collaborative.  The masculine energy that forces a stick between the spokes of a moving bicycle does nothing but cause harm.  No divinely inspired man or woman wants to be that person.


To embrace the Divine Masculine within, you must respect your own voice, life and choices and be accountable for them. Your strength lies in owning your stuff and knowing that the only person responsible for your words, actions, and the energy you radiate into the world is you. Don’t blame others for your problems, your choices or your perceived missteps. Divine Masculine it up and stop running from fear. You can take it like a champ. You are not a victim. You are a warrior of love.


While the masculine aspects of our culture often scream, “cry baby” when people get emotional, the Divine Masculine honors his experience and is not afraid to feel sadness, pain, joy, or love.  Blocking the vibrational energy surrounding your feelings does nothing but negate your experiences of life. Maybe you fear feeling true joy because you think it may be taken away or are so terrified of being afraid that you shut down completely and don’t deal with it all.  How you wish to express those emotions is up to you but feel what you are feeling. No need to ball your eyes out in front of everyone if you don’t want to but don’t snuff out the emotion that inspired the tears. Make no apologies for your feelings.  The masculine side may reflexively yell, “wimp,” but your evolved Divine Masculine knows you’re incredibly awesome.

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