Live Daily Support From Panache - Stop Simply Surviving and Begin to Thrive!


I know that you are going through life changes and I know that you are being called to redefine your lives according to your hearts. And while this can be scary, there is no better time in human history to get divorced, or to go through a medical issue or to look for a new job. There is no better time in history than now. 

I’m not saying that because the present moment is all that there is, I’m saying that because when you actually look at the state of the world, you find massive opportunities and potentials. 

For example, do you know how many millions of jobs are available right now? If you are in a situation that you don’t like, there’s a company out there that will pay you to go and work for them. If you are going through a divorce, or a shift in your financial circumstance, now is the best time to go through it. 

There is nothing to be afraid of. When life brings you into a shift, it also brings you into that shift at the perfect time to make it through that shift. Never question the perfection of why things are happening and when. It’s important to realize that you have an amazing ability and potential to redefine your life according to your heart. 

The reason that some of you are still struggling, and having a hard time, is because you are identifying and redefining at the level of the mind, doing what you think you should be doing and taking on that burden of responsibility and cognitive dissonance in order to be loved and liked by another person. 

When you realize that we are at this time of great reimagining, you understand that you have the potential to reimagine your realities. You don’t have to be afraid. Know that you are supported. Every avenue and every potential is available to you. Have the courage to leave behind that which no longer serves you. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation.